Monday, June 11, 2007

World Tea Expo: Day Three

Today began with a focused tasting of Sri Lankan teas. Even though Sri Lanka is a small country, it has an enormous range of elevation and climate, so it has a good range of flavors in its teas. The format of the tasting wasn't the best (there wasn't much focus on the taste of the teas in the lecture, the tastings themselves were very rushed, and we didn't get to see the dry or wet leaves), but it was good to learn more about Sri Lanka and taste some teas I hadn't tried before. Overall, it was an OK class.

My second class of the day (and final class of the conference) was a focused tasting of teas from Zhejiang, China. Of the tastings, this one had the best range of flavors and types. Also, they served a wonderfully complex Keemun, which I loved. The speaker was quite nervous, but very knowledgeable and well-organized. The teas and information were great, but I hope the speaker gains confidence from her feedback and returns more self-assured next year. I'd recommend the class if it's offered again.

Before I left for the airport, I got visit the exhibit hall to say goodbye to my new (and old) friends at Ito En, Red and Green, ITI, Adagio, Keiko, Urbana Cityspa and Teabar, the Tea Board of India, and more. Over the last few days, I have met some amazing people, tried some incredible teas and tea products, seen many beautiful things, and had a wonderful time. I'm already looking forward to next year's convention, even though it's in Vegas (NOT my favorite city in the world). If you read this and you plan on going, drop me a line--I'd love to meet you!

I'm off to NYC this evening. Tomorrow, I leave for San Francisco . . . but that's a whole different story!

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Tea Party Girl said...

Yea! I'm so glad I found you! I've been scouring the web looking for people who would blog about their Expo experience. I'm not at all surprised you were one of the youngest there.

I do plan on attending next year. My mom has attended the last three years and I can't bear to miss them any-more.

Wish you the best on your ventures!