Monday, June 25, 2007

Better, More on the World Tea Expo

I'm feeling much better today, thanks to lots of sleep, tea, and antibiotics. (I feel kind of bad using antibiotics, but it has been years since I used them last and I was very sick.)

I wanted to mention some more companies from the World Tea Expo. Two focus on Indian teas/tisanes and the third focuses on Native American tisanes.

The first one is a very new company. They're called Sesa Tea and they offer herbal blends, vetiver (similar to lemongrass, but harder to find in the U.S.), organic teas, and a few other things. Cool people with a good philosophy.

The second is not a new company, but its tisanes and teas are new. They're called Organic India and I wish there were more companies out there like them. Their tea/tisane line is made up of tulsi (Indian holy basil, a healing herb) tisanes and tea blends. I tried two at the Expo and they were both good. The really cool thing about this company is that they treat their workers very well and their products are all organic. Finally, more companies are taking the cue from Makaibari Estates! (Oh, I can't wait to visit them this summer!!!)

The last company is Native American Tea Company. They are Native American owned and operated and they sell herbal blends for a variety of medicinal purposes. I spoke with the owner for a while. Turns out he's also a Reiki master who blesses the tisanes before packaging them. Far out.

There are a lot of companies worth mentioning that I haven't really gotten around to talking about yet. Not that I'm getting better, I'll tell you about more of them. In the meantime, enjoy your tea!

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